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perimeter LED display videos

Stadium perimeter LED display videos quickly established itself as one of the main essential broadcast media.
Whether it is to serve partner advertisements or your own ads (meeting announcements, ticketing offers etc), Visul3 accompanies you in the creation of your LED display videos and in the digital development of your sports club.

The creative studio takes care of the creation of the advertisements that will be broadcasted in your stadium by delivering you all the different formats you may need. In direct contact with your sales department, we adapt to the demands of your customers while ensuring the correct display measurements thanks to our specific technical knowledge.

The LED perimeter display quickly established itself as an essential distribution medium.

Whether it is to serve partner advertisements or your own ads (meeting announcements, ticketing offers etc), Visul3 accompanies you in the creation of your LED display videos and in the digital development of your sports club.01 .

Partners LED video

Highlight your club partners on your perimeter LED display : advertising media N°1 in sports areas because it can both be seen by your supporters in the stadium and on television.

Players LED video

Combine your perimeter LED display with your giant screens and improve the fan experience when your team is announced on the field.

Self-promotion LED video

Highlight your events during your game day to retain your supporters and encourage their commitment toward your club.

Motion graphic design

From graphic art to infographics there is only the creative medium that has changed. Art is expressed through digital technology and is now a stakeholder in the communication and brand image of sports entities.

Do you feel the need to boost your giant screen content? Visul3 offers you the creation of sports animation videos for the entire season (goal, cardboard, player change, etc.)



Whether it is the realization of 2D or 3D animation video files, Visul3 offers you its expertise and experience of the video domain to provide quality animations to match the club’s image you desire. It is possible to create these videos thanks to the official photos of the players or to book a photo and video shooting for more originality.


Take advantage of the giant screens to capture the attention of your spectators before and during the game by broadcasting the animations of your players during the presentation of your team and/or key moments of your meetings.

Encourage interaction with your fans by using these animations on your social networks on game nights.


Stick in the minds with a video visual identity that reflects your club through a dynamic logo loop, an intro and an outro to your colors and graphic elements.


Develop your graphic charter on all the giant screen elements on game days including:
- Welcoming visual of supporters
- fixed partner visual
- Visual of upcoming games


Showcase your social networks, including your Instagram stories, by broadcasting videos to advertise, promote and energize your events. Short animations in the formats of your choice or motion design, make the video a major support of your social media strategy.


Animate your social networks and promotional campaigns (subscriptions, pre-season, etc.) with video clips highlighting your players and your club identity.

Graphic design

Beyond your digital communication, Visul3 supports you on your overall graphic identity. Visul3 offers you to create and decline what will make the essence of the identity of your club brand. The technical expertise of our creative studio allows you to switch from digital to physical to offer your fans branded products and a whole set of products in the colors of your club

Graphic charter

Let’s create together the identity of your sport club for the various communication media you'll use for the upcoming season.

Social media pack

Create your own identity through social networks to communicate with your fans. We create your wanted designs adapted to each social network that you'll be able to modify throughout the season.


Expand your product range. Slings, plush toys, ecocup, …products that we can customize for you.


Dress up your document sets and tools with your club identity! mail signature , business card, partner card, event invitation, page header…

Beginning of the season pack

Create a Subscription Campaign to attract new loyal supporters! Poster, flyer, form, subscription card, ticket background (physical and web), pocket calendar… a whole set of designs that we produce for help you to launch your new season.