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VISUL3 and ESBVA-LM together for the 2021/2022 season

Anxious to accompany differents Haut-de-France clubs, our studio will accompany a new local club for the 2021/2022 season : ESBVA-LM.

Stronghold of woman basket since few years, ESBVA LM it’s one title of French Champion in 2017, one Eurocup but it’s principaly 20 years of longevity in the highest level of French woman basket.

For this new season, ESBVA LM continue his development and choose our creation studio to accompany him on all the graphic creation part.

From the social media graphical charter to the commercial brochure, by the way to the note funds, subscribers and VIP cards as well as players presentation video, VISUL3 has put all his know-how and expertise to offer a quality rendering necessary in the development of the villeneuvois club.

Social media graphic design

Commercial brochure

Ticket funds / subscribers and VIP cards

Players presentation video

Screen wall