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Offer serious offbeat content at the service of the brand image?


Every year, as in our years of schooling, going back to school (and of the resumption in a more sporting term) always rhymes with the traditionals presentation pictures and videos for the various internal or external media. The custom is to adorn yourself with your most beautiful haircut and most beautiful smile but some clubs decide to take the opposite of all this, and it is rather successful. 

If the choice is daring, it is true that you have to know how to detonate to stand out. Forerunners of this gap in front of the lens, the English from Bristol had, two seasons ago, played the entertainment card for the presentation and announcement content of "goal", it went viral and allowed the club to enjoy a dynamic and youthful image. 

If you don’t want to fall into the «all-fun» category, it is important for the clubs to show this aspect and thus indirectly open up to their supporters. In addition, it strengthens the cohesion of your team by transforming an often “obligatory” moment into a Team Building session, a kind of contest to the one who dares the most and will be the most creative. 

Visul3 and the Corsairs then worked together to bring additional use for this filming on a green background with the creation of GIF Stickers for Instagram. From there, the Nantes' club can, like all fans and users of the social network, add in stickers the players with their celebrations (see below).

This is definitely a good time to spend as a team but also to share throughout the year. 

Maxime Gerfaud-Valentin
Maxime Gerfaud-Valentin
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The match night rendering is simply top notch and the Corsairs GIFs have had their effect! Thanks to you, we were one of the first French ice hockey club to offer these GIFs!