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Graphic charter of TLM for season 2018-2019

Graphic charter of TLM for season 2018-2019

Tourcoing Volley Lille M├ętropole is collaborating with the Tourcoing-based graphic design studio Visul3 to develop its digital and print communication.

Visul3 is pleased to announce its collaboration with the local volleyball club TLMV. Crowned with a major title last season for the first time in its history, winning the Coupe de France, the Tourquennois club will compete in the European Cup in 2018/2019.

Back in the foreground with its two titles in two seasons (winner of the B League and the Coupe de France), the nordic club will be able to count on the Visul3 team, located in the Plaine Images de Tourcoing, to develop its visual communication both locally and nationally through its digital tools.

Working together in the north to reach higher.

As part of this collaboration, Visul3 has created for the Volley TLM:

  • Business card / mail signature
  • PowerPoint template
  • Visuels pour les réseaux sociaux (Fin de match, annonce de match, Joyeux Anniversaire, ….)
  • Vidéos de présentation des joueurs pour la composition d’équipe
  • Match poster
  • Season calendar
  • Oriflamme for the room
  • Signing player cards


10 October 2018